Our Pipeline: First-In-Class

Bicara has more than a platform: We have a deep pipeline of promising bifunctional antibodies and other biologics for treating solid tumors, including a lead program that’s already in the clinic.

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    PHASE 3
  • BCA101 EGFR & TGFβ
  • BCA101 EGFR & TGFβ
    combination with pembrolizumab
  • BCA300
  • BCA202
  • BCA400

We have taken a pragmatic approach to building our pipeline. We seek out a powerful biological rationale and strong potential to address significant unmet needs, which include patients who are refractory to immune checkpoint inhibitors and first-line targeted therapies.

Posters and Publications

Digital Presentations: First-in-human Phase I Study of the Bifunctional EGFR/TGFβ Fusion Protein BCA101 in Patients with EGFR-driven Advanced Solid Cancers

American Society of Clinical Oncology, June 2021

Our Lead Program: BCA101

First-in-class EGFR / TGFβ-trap bifunctional antibody

Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), a protein expressed on the surface of several tumor types, is one of the most extensively validated tumor-associated antigens.

Monoclonal antibodies directed at EGFR suppress the proliferation of EGFR-driven tumor cells and restrict tumor growth and metastasis. Inhibiting EGFR alone is inadequate to achieve durable therapeutic responses. Our solution: Simultaneous inhibition of EGFR and TGFβ — a signaling molecule that promotes tumor growth in the presence of EGFR and that plays a key role in suppressing the immune response in the tumor microenvironment.

Our lead program is thus a dual-action bifunctional antibody that both inhibits EGFR and disables TGFβ directly at the site of the tumor. With this approach, we hope to achieve superior anti-tumor efficacy with an improved therapeutic window.

Phase 1/2 Clinical Study

We have rapidly activated a first-in-human, Phase 1/2 study of BCA101 in EGFR-driven tumors at leading institutions in the US and Canada.

This study evaluates both single-agent BCA101 and combination treatment with BCA101 plus pembrolizumab, an immune checkpoint inhibitor, in select EGFR-driven tumors.

For more information, please visit clinicaltrials.gov.

Enrolling trial sites

  • Houston, TX

  • New York, NY

  • Boston, MA

  • Toronto, ON

  • New York, NY

  • Pittsburgh, PA